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Either with a strong base or strong acid. Strong base would be faster.

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Q: How is the reaction of cinnamaldehyde and acetone catalyed?
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What is the mechanism for the aldol condesation reaction of acetone and p-anisaldehyde?

Write a reaction mechanism for cinnamaldehyde and acetone

What product would you expect if cinnamaldehyde and acetone reacts?

dicinnamalacetone and water

What type of reaction is acetone reacted with triiodomethane?

An iodoform reaction is the type of reaction when acetone reacts with triiodomethane.

Chemical equation for the reaction of acetone and acidified potassium dichromate?

acetone does not react with potassium dichromate

What is the reaction of polystyrene and acetone?

The mixture of Polystyrene and Acetone results in the creation of a sticky residue as the Polystyrene beads dissolve into the Acetone. You can use Nail polish remover with Acetone. However, the chemical reaction occurs at a much more rapid pace with pure Acetone.

What is the reaction called when you dissolve styrofoam with acetone?


Why is the reaction between iodine and acetone catalysed?

it is an acid catalised reaction, commonly HCl.

Is cinnamaldehyde an aldehyde or ketone?

cinnamaldehyde is a aldehyde hence cinnam(aldehyde)

How acetone is converted into t butyl alcohol?

by grignard reaction.....

Does acetone function as a catalyst?

As most catalysts are quite specific in the (or at least the type of) reaction, in others not working at all, I can't give an answer for 'your acetone-reaction'. But to my best knowledge there are very few reactions I can think of being catalysed by acetone; never heard of, you know.

Is acetone a weak base?

Acetone can act as a base or and acid, depending on the nature of the other reagents and the reaction conditions.

Will acetone bond plastic?

yes, some plastics will bond with the use of acetone, the chemical reaction causes the plastic components bond