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carbon is one atom and hydrogen is four atoms in the methane totally 5 atoms in that.

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The chemical composition of methane is CH4

Which means There is One carbon atom and four hydrogen atoms in every molecule of methane.

It is composed of two elements

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1 carbon, 4 hydrogen

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Q: How many atoms of each element is methane made of?
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Does methane have the same number of element as another gas?

Methane is made up of 1 atom of the element carbon and 4 atoms of the element hydrogen. Another similar gas is called propane 2 carbon-6 hydrogen

Is elements atoms?

Elements are made of atoms. Each element is made up of the same kind of atoms, having the same atomic number.

Gold is made out of what?

Gold is an element, so it's made out of gold atoms. it has atoms icons

What elements is methane gas made of?

Methane contain 1 carbon & 4 hydrogen elements.

What was Daltons theory based on?

Dalton's theory was based on five principle: 1.An element is fundamentally different from any other element. 2.All atoms of a each element are identical. 3. Atoms from one element can combine with atoms from another element to form compounds. 4. Atoms cannot be created or divided 5. Element are made of small particle called atoms.

What is the same about each element?

All atoms, no matter what element, are made of the very same building blocks: electrons, protons and neutrons.

What is the substance made up of atoms?

The atoms of an element are all identical.

How do you know that methane and hydrogen are different gasses?

Methane and hydrogen are different gases because they have different chemical compositions and properties. Methane (CH4) is composed of carbon and hydrogen atoms, while hydrogen (H2) is composed solely of hydrogen atoms. Additionally, they have different physical properties such as boiling and melting points.

What in a chemical formula tells how many atoms of each element are found in a unit of compound?

The number of atoms that one element will combine with another is the ratio. For example, water, H2O, contains two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. The ratio of elements is two hydrogen atoms to one oxygen atom, 2:1. Every molecule (compound) of water will show this ratio of elements.

What is methane an element?

Methane is not an element. It is composed of two other elements, carbon and hydrogen. So, it is a chemical compound with the chemical formula CH₄. Each gas molecule of the compound contains one carbon and 4 hydrogen atoms

Are molecules made up of atoms or combined elements?

Yes, atoms make up almost everything, they can only be broken down into protons, neutrons and electrons. An element is a substance found on the periodic table with certain rules and regulations given to each element. An element is made up only of atoms. A compound is a mixture of two or more elements that can be broken down into elements again, it is not a pure substance as such. So a compound is made up of elements, elements are made of atoms.

Is Ne made from molecules or atoms?

Neon (Ne) is an element and is made from atoms.