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Oxidation-reduction reaction:Ag^+(aq) + Al(s) ===> Ag(s) + Al^3+ or looked at another way...

3AgNO3(aq) + Al(s) ===> Al(NO3)3(aq) + 3Ag(s)

moles AgNO3 present = 92.8 g x 1 mole/170 g =0.546 moles

moles Al present = 1.34 g x 1 mole/26.9 g = 0.0498 moles

Al is limiting based on mole ratio of 3 AgNO3 : 1 Al

moles Ag(s) produced = 0.0498 moles Al x 3 moles Ag/mole Al = 0.1494 moles Ag

mass of Ag = 0.1494 moles Ag x 108 g/mole = 16.1 g Ag formed

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Q: How many grams of silver can be produced from the reaction of 92.8 g of silver nitrate with 1.34 g of aluminum?
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In the reaction of silver nitrate with sodium chloride how many grams of silver chloride will be produced from 100 g of silver nitrate when it is mixed with an excess of sodium chloride?


What is the reaction of Silver Nitrate with water?

Silver nitrate does not react with water, it dissolves in it.

Is hydrogen produced when copper reacts with silver nitrate?

No, the reaction is: 2AgNO3+Cu=Cu(NO3)2+2Ag

What reaction is silver nitrate plus sodium nitrate plus silver bromide?


What is the balanced equation for silver nitrate and copper nitrate?

No reaction

What is the molecular formula for Silver thiocyanate?

AgSNC is the molecular formula for silver thiocyanate.Silver thiocyanate is a colourless crystal which is produced by a reaction between silver nitrate and potassium thiocyanate.

What is the equation for aluminum and silver nitrate?

Al + AgNO3

Predict what would be observed and why from an aqueous mixture for zinc chloride and silver nitrate?

An aqueous mixture of zinc chloride and silver nitrate would be insoluble silver chloride. Water and oxides of nitrogen will also be produced during the reaction.

Reaction of sodium iodide with silver nitrate?

Produces Silver iodide precipitate and Sodium nitrate

What is the molecular formula for silver oxalate?

The molecular formula for silver oxalate is Ag2C2O4.Silver oxalate is a white powder that is produced as a result of a reaction between silver nitrate and oxalic acid.

Name of the product of copper and silver nitrate reaction?

copper nitrate :)

What kind of reaction takes place when a copper wire is added is to a beaker of silver nitrate?

A displacement reaction, in which the copper dissolves to form copper nitrate and replaces silver ions in the original silver nitrate, reducing the silver ions to metallic silver.