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the amount used with vary with different models of propane heaters, the volume of water being heated, and the amount of hot water used by the household.. the answer is not definative, but you might be able to get a rough idea by "googling" the manufacturer...

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Q: How much propane does a propane hot water heater use in a day?
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How much propane is burned in a propane fireplace on average?

Too broad a question. Need BTUs of heater + how many hours running per day to answer.

How do you find how much propane you have left using hot water and how does it work?

By pouring hot water on a propane cylinder you are heating the metal cylinder. The liquid propane in the cylinder is cold and forms condensation on the outside of the cylinder showing the level of propane remaining in the tank much like condensation forming on a glass of ice water on a hot day.

How much propane does a house use per day?

Depends on the size of the house, how well insulated it is, and what in the home is powered by propane.

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Where can I purchase a new water heater?

You can get a water heater from any local hardware store. I recommend checking out home depot for amazing deals on prices and same day delivery. Good luck!

How does burning propane pollute the air?

Not much- it's pretty clean which is why they use it for forklifts which run indoors all day.

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