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Like dissolves like.

Water is an extremely polar solvent because of its ability to form hydrogen bonds with neighbouring water molecules (the partial negative of Oxygen is attracted to the partial positive charge on the hydrogen atoms). Therefore, if a substance dissolves readily in water, it would be polar.

Think of the inability to dissolve oil in water. Oil, a lipid, is a fatty acid hydrocarbon. Hydrocarbons are infamously nonpolar and would "repel" the polar water molecules.

Take note, however, that this is generalised notion. There are always exceptions, especially in a biological system, because slightly nonpolar molecules can end up dissolving in polar water.

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Q: If a substance dissolves in H2O would it be polar or non-polar?
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What is the substance that would not dissolve well in water and why?

A nonpolar substance, such as vegetable oil, would not dissolve well in water because water is a polar molecule and dissolves other polar molecules and many ionic compounds, but not nonpolar substances.

Would a non polar molecule dissolve in a polar molecule?

The general rule is "like dissolves like", so nonpolar molecules are not usually very soluble in polar solvents.

What happens to detergent when dissolve in water?

The nonpolar part ( -end, -tail) of the 'soap' molecule will stick into the nonpolar oil phase, the polar part 'connects' it with the water phase (micel formation).

How is water equipped to break the relatively powerful ionic bonds making up crystals like sodium chloride?

Because of the phrase "like dissolves like". Both NaCl and water are made up of polar bonds and have a polar shape, so like dissolves like. If NaCl was nonpolar in its shape, the polar water would not be able to dissolve the nonpolar NaCl.

Why does Carbon not react with Water?

Carbon can't react with water because it one of the very stable elements. To make it react with water you would need a high tempature.

What kind of solutes are soluble in non-polar solvents?

pentane, hexane, benzene, kerosene, gasoline, some in acetone, methyl ethyl ketone, generally anything non polar with a low molecular weight

Is sio4 polar or non polar?

No, SiH4 is not polar. It is nonpolar. It is considered nonpolar because it does not have permanent dipole moments.

Is CH3-CH2-CHO soluble in water?

I would replace that word 'most' with 'totally' ... ethanol and water mix in all proportions.

What molecule would mix best with water?

Polar Molecules

Is wax a polar or non-polar molecule?

Parrafin wax is non-polar.

What would form a heterogenous mixture?

mixture of polar and nonpolar liquids.

Which substance acts an solvent in tincture iodine?

Because iodine is nonpolar, a nonpolar substance like ethanol would dissolve it. Iodine is insoluble in polar substances like water.