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The spectrum that she will be observing is called an emission spectrum, in which electrons are excited to a higher energy state and then drop back down to the ground state, during which the electrons will emit photons of specific wavelengths, which will be observed as bright lines of color on what appears to be a black background.

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Q: In which case will the woman see a just a spectrum that is almost entirely black except for few bright emission lines?
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What spectrum is produced by a hot gas under low pressure and appears in a series of bright lines?

Emission Spectrum

Image of emission or absorption spectrum of manganese?

This would consist of several series of lines corresponding to the energies of electron transitions. They are bright lines for an emission spectrum and dark for absorbtion.

How does an emission spectrum of a gas in a discharge tube differ from a white light spectrum?

It differs by that white light spectrum is continuous and consists of light of all wavelengths. Emission spectrum is not continuous. It consists of bright lines at specific wavelengths, with complete darkness between them.

How can you Distinguish absorption spectrum from emission spectrum?

Emission spectra are bright-line spectra, absorption spectra are dark-line spectra. That is: an emission spectrum is a series of bright lines on a dark background. An absorption spectrum is a series of dark lines on a normal spectrum (rainbow) background.

What does the term bright line spectrum mean?

There are several kinds of spectra. Bright line spectrum, or emission spectrum, is when light emitted by a gas has an electrical discharge going through it, and it produces a spectrum of just a few isolated parallel lines.

Star radiate different colors and lines based on their composition this is know as its?

It sounds like you're describing an emission spectrum. An emission spectrum will contain bright lines at specific colors, each of which is characteristic of a particular chemical element.

What kind of spectrum do dark lines appear against a bright a bright background of colors ranging from red to blue?

Dark-line spectrum is a "photo-negative" of emission spectrum. It is the gaps that appear in precisely the same location as corresponding bright lines. produced by a cool gas with a hot solid and you

The lines in the bright line spectrum of an atom are due to what?

The atomic line spectrum comes from the emission of atoms of different elements that are in an excited state. Each element has its own unique atomic emission spectrum.

An astronomer finds that the visible spectrum of a mysterious object shows bright emission lines What can the astronomer conclude about the source?

it comes from a hot, tenuous gas

The spectrum produced by glowing high-density gas is an a bright line emission b dark line absorption c chemical composition d temperature c continuous?

a Edit: The question is very mixed up, but I think I get the idea. It's obviously an emission spectrum. Because it is a high density gas the spectrum should be CONTINUOUS.

What type of spectrum does an incandescent light produce?

There are no bright lines and no dark lines in the spectrum, incandescent light has a continuous spectrum with all visible colors present

Is an absorption spectrum also called a bright line spectrum?

No, its an absorption spectrum