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Q: Is brittleness a property of metals associated with metallic bonds?
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A property not associated with metals is?

Metals aren't organic.

Is brittleness a characteristic of a metals?

Yes. it is

What property of transition metals is responsable for their charactoristic ductility?

metallic bonding

Why do metallic substances change shape when struck?

Malleability is a property of all metals.

Most metals have high melting points. Which type of bonding accounts for this property?

Metals have a specific metallic bond.

Name a non-metal that have metallic luster rarely?

some non metals have a rare property called as metallic luster

What kind of bond allows metals to be flattened and shaped?

A metallic bond is what allows metals to be flatten. Metallic bond also allows medal to be shaped.

What property of metallic bonds affect the thermal and electrical conductivity of metals?

electron negativity

Luster is most closly associated with which type of element?

Metals are lustrous - a very typical property. or Lustre is a property mainly associated with metals. However, a few non-metals like iodine also have lustre.

Is lustrous a gas?

No, lustrous is a physical property normally associated with metals, which as usually solid at room temperature. It is a property of metals that is shining.

What metals are metallic?

All of them, metals are metallic, specifically contain metallic bonds.

Is Brittleness physical property?

Brittle is indeed a physical property. This physical property affects how a substance may be shaped or how it appears without having an affect on the chemical composition.