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no. gelatinization - starch granules when they heated in a liquid. Irreversable

dextrinization - breakdown of starch molecules to smaller, sweeter in the presence of dry heat.

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Q: Is dextrinization the same with gelatinization?
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What is gelatinization and examples?

gelatinization of a suitable example??

What is the Principle of gelatinization?

The principle of gelatinization lies in the item arriving at high heat fairly quickly. Starch can help gelatinization through its thickening agents.

What is dextrinization and its examples?

Dextrinization is the browning of starch goods when subjected to dry heat. On dry heating, the starch in the food goes through a chemical reaction. During this reaction, the starch molecules break down into dextrin (hence the name). Examples of dextrinization are toasting bread, and baking biscuits and cakes.

What happens to flour when heated?

they undergo gelatinization.

At what temperature does gelatinization occur?

The temperature depends on the type of plant used and the amount of water. Temperature at which gelatinization of starches occurs are between 55 °C and 85 °C.

How does gelatinization change the physical properties of a suspense?

ya man

Why was gelatinisation invented?

Gelatinization was never invented, but occurs when starches are cooked.

What is it called when jel-o thickens?

It's called gelatinization, or making dessert. :)

What happens when gelatin is heated?

Gelatinization is the swelling and disruption of molecules in a starch granule when heated in water. It happens at around 55 to 85°C. Gelatinization results in loss of crystallinity or birefringence, irreversible swelling of the starch granule, increase of viscocity of solution, leaching of amylose from the starch granule, and a creating more clear solution.

2 Why do different starches have different gelatinization temperature ranges?

because starch have different composition

What food properties occur in the preparation of a lemon meringue tart?

Aeration Gelatinization Caramelising denaturing coagulation dextrinisation milliard reaction

Gelatinisation of starch?

Gelatinization of starch is a process during which inter molecular bonds of starch molecules is broken down due to the presence of heat or water ,making the starch granules swell.