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Because its lighter! obviously!! Hydrogen is the lightest gas of all.. KNOW THAT!

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Q: Is hydrogen gas faster than nitrogen gas and why?
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Nitrogen gas react with hydrogen gas to form ammonia what are the reactants in this chemical reaction?

nitrogen gas and hydrogen gas

What is the chemical formula when nitrogen gas reacts with hydrogen gas?

Nitrogen and hydrogen react to form ammonia. This is the reaction in the Haber process, in which the gases are mixed at high pressure and moderately high temperature and passed over an iron catalyst.

Why does ammonia gas diffused faster than hydrogen chloride gas?

because it is both different and that one if faster

What gas is made when hydrogen combines with nitrogen?

When hydrogen combines with nitrogen, it forms ammonia gas (NH3).

What is the usual state of hydrogen and nitrogen?

the usual state of both hydrogen and nitrogen are gas.

Which gas condenses faster argon or oxygen or nitrogen?

which gas condensed more faster nitrogen,argon and oxygen

Why hydrogen diffuses faster than other gas?

The rate of diffusion of a gas is inversely related to the molecular weight of that gas. The lighter the gas, the faster it diffuses. Hydrogen is the lightest of all gases having a molecular weight of only 2. Thus it diffuses faster than all others.

Which of the following diffuse faster - honey sugar nitrogen gas?

Nitrogen Gas.

What is an example of a gas element?

nitrogen hydrogen

Where does nitrogen and hydrogen in the haber process come from?

Nitrogen from the air Hydrogen from methane (natural gas) Hope this helps :)

What is the process of combining nitrogen gas with hydrogen to form ammonia?

Nitrogen Fixation

The most abundant element in the atmosphere?