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Melting is a physical change; but when the temperature is sufficiently high sugar is thermally decomposed - and this is a chemical change.

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The melting of sugar would be a physical change. Had you burned a sugar cube, it would be a chemical change.

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its a physical change !

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Q: Melting sugar cube is what change because the substance still is sugar?
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Melting a sugar cube is a change because the substance is still sugar.?

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What is ice cube melting physical or chemical?

It is a physical change because the substance is still the same. It's still H20, just in a different phase of matter.

Is melting a slice of cheese a chemical change?

It is changing from a solid to a liquid, which is a physical change.

Is melting butter a chemical or physical?

Melting butter is a physical change. Although the state of matter changes(solid into liquid), it is still the some substance.

Why melting snow is a physical change?

because it goes from the physical form of a solid to a liquid thus a physical change.

Why is melting metal a physical change?

Its physical because you are directly doing something to it without changing its chemical properties.

Is freezing water to make ice a reversible change or a chemical reaction and why?

This is a reversible change because water is still the same substance just in a frozen form. It is not a completely new substance with new properties and the same goes for melting ice to get water. Hope this helped!

Why is the melting point of a substance is a physical property but flammability is a chemical property?

In the state of matter you can use all five senses without having to change the substance (physical property). With chemical property you are altering the substance so you are able to observe it.

Is melting a butter is physical change?

No, its a chemical change because even after its melted, it's still butter

What happened to a substance when it goes through a physical change?

A physical change is one in which the shape, size, appearance or state, of a substance may alter, but its chemical composition remains same.

How do you recognize a physical change?

It is the same substance but looks different.Example: Ice cubes that melt. Is a physical change.If you have a change but it is still the same substance just another form such as an ice cube melting it is still H2o just in liquid form also change in color matter or shape are examples of physical change remember with a physical change you can always change it back to the original substance

Why is it a physical change when ice melts to liquid water?

Melting ice is a physical change because the properties of the physical changes say that there is a physical change when the state of a material changes. the ice changes into water after melting .this is temporary change as the property says. you can change water back into ice by freezing.