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I have a portable CB radio with eight alkaline double A battery which one battery somehow leaked. White reside has been cleaned with baking soda on the exterior, but four of the batteries are positioned back within the case difficult to clean, can you recommend a process with which to better neutralize the white acid reside. Thank you!!

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baking soda

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Q: Neutralize alkaline battery acid in electronic equipment?
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What do you do when you get Alkaline battery acid on skin?

Alkalinity is a measure of how well a solution neutralizes an acid compared to a carbonate or bicarbonate. A used alkaline battery is most likely very weak, so it wont burn your skin, just wash it off. If a new alkaline battery explodes or leaks onto your skin and it burns you, you should neutralize it with a acid such as vinegar. Then rinse the affected area and cover it.

What is the alkaline battery used for?

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No, a lead acid battery is a wet cell battery and a 9 volt alkaline battery is a dry cell battery.

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baking soda

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becasue it was