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The stomach secretes hydrochloric and acid pepsinogen to begin the chemical break down of food.

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Q: Secretes Hydrochloric and acid pepsinogen to begin the chemical break-down of food?
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Secretes hydrochloric and acid pepsinogen to begin the chemical break down of food?

The stomach secretes hydrochloric and acid pepsinogen to begin the chemical break down of food.

What is chemical found in the stomach needed to activate pepsinogen to pepsin?

You think probable to pepsin or hydrochloric acid.

Is there chemical digestion that takes place in the stomach?

Yes, absolutely.The stomach secretes digestive juices that are mostly involved in digesting proteins. This is a chemical digestion process that mostly involves hydrochloric acid and pepsinogen, secreted by the parietal cells and chief cells.

What does the parietal cell in the stomach make?

Parietal cells are found in the fundic zone of the stomach. Their main function is to produce hydrochloric acid, which assists in the chemical breakdown of food.

What are the 3 functions of hydrochloric acid?

It is the chemical that activates pepsinogen in the stomach kills bacteria denatures proteins

What organ has chief and parietal cells?

Chief and parietal cells are found in the fundic zone of the stomach.Chief cells produce pepsinogen, and parietal cells produce hydrochloric acid. Both of these products assist in the chemical breakdown of stomach contents.

Is pancreatic lipase mechanical or chemical digestion?

No, the pancreas is involved in chemical digestion, as it secretes enzymes which catalyze the breakdown of food molecules.

In biology what has digestive enzymes and breaks down particles?

If you are looking for an organ directly involved with food we eat, it would be the small intestine (with small amounts in the stomach and large intestine, but the primary function of the small intestine is this).If you are talking chemicals (medicines or the stuff we get out of food) the most common site is the liver, but it is by no means the only site.

How does hydrogen chloride help us?

Hydrogen chloride is a gas but it is more well known dissolved as HCl(aq), or hydrochloric acid. Hydrochloric acid is a very useful chemical reagent but it is also used as a disinfectant at low concentrations. In humans, hydrochloric acid is present in the stomach to facilitate the destruction of potential pathogens and begin the process of protein digestion by denaturing proteins and activating pepsinogen.

How does mechanical breakdown helps chemical breakdown?

Mechanical breakdown helps chemical breakdown because when you chew, chemical breakdown is going on all at the same time. So, that is going to chemical because if you didn't have saliva (chemical breakdown) if would take real long to digest your food.

How does mechanical breakdown affect chemical breakdown?

Mechanical breakdown makes food smaller so it wasn't be so large for the chemical breakdown.

Is the gallbladder chemical or mechanical breakdown?

Since there is no machinery in the body, it is a chemical breakdown.