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pH is the logarithm(base 10) of hydronium concentration, and higher acidity is higher Hydronium ion concentration(H+ ion, which is produced by acids). so higher H+ concentration yields a lower pH.

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yes, below is acidic. above 7 is basic or alkaline!

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The pH scale ranges from 0 to 14. pH below 7 is acidic. Lower the pH, more acidic is it in nature. pH of 7 is neutral. Above 7 is basic in nature. Higher the pH, more basic is it in nature.

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Lower is the pH value more acidic is solution.

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Q: The lower the pH is it more acidic or more of a base?
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Is pH 9 more acidic than pH 4?

no. the lower the pH the more acidic

What happens when the pH solution is lower?

When adding a strong acid to an acidic solution pH decreases. Adding a strong base to an acidic solution the pH increases.

What is more acidic ph of 1 or 8?

whith PH, lower numbers are more acidic. so 1 is more acidic than 8.

What is the acidic solution of pH?

Any aqueous solution will have a pH lower than 7.00 in order to be considered acidic.

Which direction is acidic on the pH scale?

Less than 7. The lower the pH, the more acidic a solution is.

What is more acidic a pH of 2 or 3?

pH 2. The lower the number is the more acidic it is. pH 7 is neutral, pH 14 is least acidic. 5.4 is considered acid rain.

Is A solution with a pH of 5.2 is more acidic than a solution with a pH of 7.4?

A solution with a pH of 5.2 is more acidic than one with a pH of 7.4. Any solution with a lower pH is more acidic, and any with a higher pH is more alkaline.

At what pH is a substance an acid or a base?

The pH is measure from 1 to 14. so, from 1 to 6.9 the substance is acidic. and from 7.01 to 14 the substance is basic. 7 is neutral. The closer the substance is to 7 it is either basic or acidic. As the number is lower the substance is more acidic for example: pH 2.9 is more acidic than pH 4.8

What does pH 6 means?

A PH of 6 would be equivalent to Milk, or Urine. The lower the Ph the more acidic it is. Water is a PH of 7 anything higher would be a base.

Does the pH get higher or lower when the solution becomes more acidic?

Decreasing pH < 7 acidic, Increasing pH > 7 basic

How does diluting an acidic or basic solution affect the pH of the solution?

It depends on the pH of the dilutant. if the dilution substance is base the acidic solution will become less acidic moving toward neutral pH, the more it is diluted the less acidic it will become. A base solution will remain base or about 7 pH

Higher the number on the pH scale the more acidic a solution?

The solution is basic.