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Q: The pH of a 0.1 molar aqueous solution of HCl would equal -?
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Would an aqueous solution of Ammonium Carbonate Contain Ions?

Yes. An aqueous solution of ammonium carbonate would consist of dissociated ammonium ions and carbonate ions.

The pH and strength of a solution withH3O plus equal to 1times 10-5 is?

the pH would be 5 and the strength would be 1 X 10-5 molar

When something dissolves is it still a solid?

No. Generally, (I'm not a chemistry prof) it would be considered an aqueous solution. For instance, if salt were dissolved in water, it would be an aqueous solution of NaCl (aq).

Aqueous sodium chloride aqueous silver nitrate?

Silver chloride, which is very insoluble, would precipitate out of the solution

How would a solution that is labeled 5.0m would be read as?

5.o molar

How would a solution that is labeled 5.0 m would be read as?

5.0 molar

Is an aqueous solution Lic2h3o3 acidic basic or neutral?

It would be basic.

How would a solution that is labeled 5.0 M be read as?

5.0 molar

How would you make a 1.25 molar solution of potassium hydroxide?

The formula mass of KCl is 75.5 so when 94.375g of it are dissolved in i litre water the solution prepared is 1.25 molar

Is salt plus vinegar is an example of aqueous solution?

Yes, in this case you would have an aqueous solution of sodium chloride and acetic acid.

What would happen if an aqueous solution of sugar is heated to dryness?

Crystals of sugar are obtained.

What does the state symbol aq mean when written after a chemical compound in a chemical reaction?

'Aq' in chemistry is an abbreviation of the word 'Aqueous' meaning dissolved in solution. The opposite of aqueous is 'Anhydrous' meaning not in solution. Example | You can dissolve anhydrous citric acid into a beaker of distilled water, which would make an aqueous solution of citric acid.