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Not much. Both are alkanes, and alkanes are highly unreactive. The only reaction for alkanes I can think of off the top of my head is free radical halogenation, but both hexane and cyclohexane have secondary carbons, so reactivity is comparable. Of course, cyclohexane has 6 secondary carbons while hexane only has 4, so you can make the argument that cyclohexane is more reactive in this example.

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  • Hexane is a linear chain hydrocarbon with 6 carbon atoms
  • Cyclohexane is a ring hydrocarbon with 6 carbon atoms
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Q: What Difference between reactivity in hexane and cyclohexane?
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Is the molecular formula for cyclohexane the same as that of the n-hexane?

No. Ordinary n-hexane is C6H14 and is unsaturated. Cyclohexane is C6H12 as it has 1 unit of unsaturation due to its cyclic structure.

Does cyclohexane and hexane form a solution?

Propane, being a GAS but an aliphatic hydrocarbon is soluble in cyclohexane, which is a liquid and a cycloaliphatic hydrocarbon. .

Are cyclohexane and n-hexane isomers of each other explain?

are cyclohenane and n-hexane isomers of each other?explain

What is cyclo hexane?

Cyclohexane belongs to group of cycloalkanes. its molecular formula is C6H12.

What is difference between hexane and n-hexane?

Hexane is a hydrocarbon with the chemical formula C6H14. n-hexane is the unbranched isomer of hexane as there exists four more branched isomers of hexane

What is cyclisation reaction?

when a molecular hydrocarbon chain is turned in a cycloalkane. e.g. hexane into cyclohexane

Why does hexane and cyclohexane the same number of carbons but have different numbers of hydrogens?

Hexane is linear and contains all single bonds. Cyclohexane is in a ring and contains carbons linked in a circle, therefore, each carbon already has two bonds, there is no terminal carbon that requires 3 hydrogen.

What is the pka of cyclohexane?

pKa is measured for acid in aqueous solution while hexane is an organic liquid immiscible with water so pKa value is meaning less for hexane.

Is NaCl soluble in cyclohexane?

NaCl is NOT soluble in hexane. We did this experiment in my chemistry class so I know this statement is definitely correct, however I'm not sure why. I know it has something to do with the ionic bonding of sodium chloride being able to overcome the single bonds of hexane.

Why does Br2 dissolve in cyclohexane and not in water?

Bromine is more soluble in hexane than water. Br2 is non polar so it dissolves good in an non polar solvent like hexane. Water is a polar solvent.

Is cyclo hexane planar?

No, each carbon will form a three dimensional tetrahedral bonding.

What is the IUPAC name for butane?

Hexane is the chemical name for Hexane. However another name for Hexane is n-Hexane. Some different isomers of Hexane are: -2-Methylpentane (Isohexane) -3-Methylpentane -2,3-Dimethylbutane -2,2-Dimethylbutane (Neohexane) The chemical formula of Hexane is C6H14.