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Carbon, Lead, Uranium are chemical elements. Bronze is an alloy - Cu + Sn (and some other minor elements). Methane is a chemical compound - CH4. Air is a mixture of elements (Oxygen, Nitrogen, Argon, etc.) and compounds (water, carbon dioxide, etc.)

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Q: What are elements out of lead bronze air carbon methane and uranium?
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What two elements make up the molecule methane?

Methane is CH4 and has the elements carbon and hydrogen.

What elements is methane gas made of?

Methane contain 1 carbon & 4 hydrogen elements.

What is the element of METHANE?

Methane is not an element. It is a compound of two elements: carbon and hydrogen.

Carbon and hydrogen are examples of pure substances or?


Hydrogen neon gold carbon and uranium are examples of what?

Gold, uranium, neon, carbon and hydorogen are all natural chemical elements.

Chemical syombol of methane?

Methane is the compound that is burned as "natural gas" and it contains two elements, carbon and hydrogen. The carbon in methane has a tetrahedral geometry, which means that there are 4 hydrogens bonded to the carbon. The formula is CH4

Is methanol on the periodic table of elements?

Methane is a substance that is a chemical combination of Carbon and Hydrogen. Carbon and Hydrogen are Elements and therefore on the periodic table. Methane, the substance created by those elements, is not.

How many elements in methane gas?

the chemical formula of methane is CH4. one molecule of methane contains one carbon atom and four hydrogen atoms.

What are the elements present in natural gas?

Methane so carbon and hydrogen

Is Methane element compound or mixture?

Methane is a chemical compound made of the elements Carbon and Hydrogen. Writtan as CH4.

The symbols for the two elements in methane are c and h?

Methane is CH4 and thus made of C = carbon and H = Hydrogen.

Which of these elements have the least number of neutrons helium carbon gold uranium?

The answer is helium.