What are sprinkles usually used for?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Sprinkles are little sugar colored dots that add flavor to other goodies. The best use for sprinkles is on cup cakes celebration cakes and on ice cream.

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Q: What are sprinkles usually used for?
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Can you bake a cake with sprinkles inside?

Yes, you can bake a cake with sprinkles inside. This is usually used for kids cake/cupcakes. You will get really nice colors inside and it taste good and it's fun. Kids love it.

What are the ingredients in chocolate sprinkles?

They are either called chocolate sprinkles (common) or chocolate jimmies (not as common).

Do cakes have sprinkles?

Sometimes but they are more often used on cupcakes.

How many pounds of sprinkles are used annually?

Approximately 95,567,100 pounds

Do sprinkles melt if they are put in the oven?

Sprinkles usually don't burn in the oven because they are processed balls of sugar, and not a soft candy like chocolate. However sprinkles with melt or burn if left in the oven long enough, therefore it is best to add them to baked goods after taking them out of the oven.

Is sprinkles a noun?

Yes, the word sprinkles is a noun, a plural, common, concrete noun. The word sprinkles is also a verb (sprinkle, sprinkles, sprinkling, sprinkled).

What are sprinkle?

sprinkles are tiny things that you put on cupcakes and on ice cream. there are rainbow sprinkles and there are chocolate sprinkles.

Are sprinkles considered candy?

are sprinkles considered candy

What are they called Jimies or sprinkles?

?? did you get that from drake and josh?? sprinkles

Why do cupcakes have sprinkles?

Because sprinkles are awesome. Well, cupcakes have sprinkles, sometimes for decoration, and just because they're yummy...:)

Why does sprinkles ROCK?

due to her small portions and fun-sizedness I declare Sprinkles to be AWESOME!!! you rock sprinkles!! -Paris Jones March 2nd 2009

It is ok if gold contain in food?

There are food-grade applications of gold. For example, gold leaf makes a very expensive garnish to fancy cakes and is usually used very sparingly; it resembles sprinkles.