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Calamine Lotion - zinc oxide ZnO (with ferric oxide or zinc carbonate)

Quicklime - calcium oxide CaO

Milk of Magnesia - hydrated magnesium hydroxide Mg(OH)2

Washing Soda - sodium carbonate Na2CO3

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Q: What are the chemical names of calamine solution quicklime milk of magnesia and washing soda?
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What is the effect of milk of magnesia solution on turmeric solution?

The color become red to brown.

Why calamine solution is applied on the skin when an ant bites?

Calamine solution contains zinc carbonate and ant's sting contains Formic acid. The reaction between the acid and the base neutralises the effect of the sting.

What is the effect of milk of magnesia on turmeric solution?

The color become red to brown.

What is the effect of turmeric solution on milk of magnesia?

The color become red to brown.

What happens when you continually add milk of magnesia to a vinegar solution?

Magnesium acetate is obtained.

The formula for an anti itch lotion includes 15 ml of calamine lotion in a total of 60 ml of solution How much calamine is needed to make 90 ml of lotion?


What type of solution is milk of magnesia?

No, Its insolubility is what makes it a safe antacid.

What color would methyl orange be in milk of magnesia?

Milk of magnesia is a basic solution. Therefore, methyl orange shows a yellowish orange colour. Further, this indicator shows a red colour in acidic solutions.

What happens if quicklime mixes with water?

quicklime is the common name for calcium oxide (CaO). when added to water it forms slaked lime which is the name for clacium hydroxide (Ca(OH)2). slaked lime solution is also commonly know as lime water

How is limewater formed?

Lime water is a solution of sodium hydroxide. Lime water is formed by dissolving calcium oxide, CaO or quicklime in water.

Does a solution have a chemical change?

A solution does not have a chemical change, but it does have a physical change in state.

Is it true soil is a chemical solution of metals?

Soil is a chemical solution of metals