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This depends on where you are taught- some call it a sea of electrons some a cloud some delocalised elctrons.

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Q: What are the mobile electrons surrounding the positive ions called in a metallic bond?
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In metalic bonds what are the mobile electrons surrounding the positive ions called?

They are just referred to as "delocalized" electrons

Describe a metallic bond?

Of or pertaining to a metal; of the nature of metal; resembling metal; as, a metallic appearance; a metallic alloy., Of, pertaining to, or characterized by, the essential and implied properties of a metal, as contrasted with a nonmetal or metalloid; basic; antacid; positive.

What holds metal atoms together in a metallic bond?

The positive and negative charge between the sea of electrons and the positivity charged ions keeps the metal lattice together with a very strong metallic bond.

What is the kernel of an atom?

the nucleus and all of the electrons, except those in the valance (outer) shell.

What type of bonding is present in solid silver?

Metallic Bonding, because the attraction between cations and the surrounding sea of electrons, the electron are delocalized, which means they do not belong to any one atom but they move freely about the metal's network.

What is a bond between positive metal ions and electrons in the metal called?

Hahaha E2020 Question huh....? The Answer is Metallic Bond.

What is the loss of one or more electrons called?

Metallic has a tendency to lose electrons and form cations. Metallic is highly electrical and a thermal conductor. Metallic bonding occurs as a result of electromagnetism.

What type of bond holds the atoms together in chemical properties of iron?

The type of bond that holds the atoms together in iron is called metallic bonding. Metallic bonds are formed by the delocalization of electrons between metal atoms, creating a "sea" of electrons that holds the atoms together. This gives metals their unique properties, such as conductivity and malleability.

What is the Layer of electrons outside the nucleus?

the layer of electrons surrounding the nucleus of an atom is called "shells"

In a metal lattice what are surrounded by a pool of electrons?

its called metallic bonding

Are atoms have lost electrons is called?

Atoms that have lost electrons are positive ions, and are called cations.

The bonding that occurs when positively charged ions are surrounded by a cloud of electrons is called?