What chemical bond is Ag-Cu?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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This is a metallic bond.

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Q: What chemical bond is Ag-Cu?
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What is the chemical bond for NaOH?

The chemical bond for NaOH is a covalent bond.

Which type of chemical bond is found in an alloy?

No chemical bond, but a metallic bond.

What chemical is not a bond?

All chemicals are held by chemical bond

Is covalent a chemical bond?

Yes, it is a form of chemical bond. Other chemical bonds include ionic and metallic bond.

Carbohydrate molecule contains what type of chemical bond?

The chemical bond of carbohydrates is called glycosidic bond.

What kind of chemical bond is formed when atoms share electrons?

When atoms share electrons, they form a chemical bond, or covalent bond.

What doesn't have a chemical bond?

Any atom that hasn't undergone chemical bond.

What type of chemical bond is copper?

Copper isn't a chemical bond, its an element

Is represent by a chemical?

chemical bond

Is a chemical bond or interaction stronger?

The energy of chemical bond depends on the type of this bond: hundreds of kJ/mol.

What type of bond does a covalent bond form?

A chemical bond

Which type of bond changes the bond of a atom?

Chemical bond