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Other molecules

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Q: What do intermolecular tend to attract?
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What do intermolecular forces tend to attract?

Other molecules

When a magnet moves why does the other one move with it?

Magnets tend to attract each other.Magnets tend to attract each other.Magnets tend to attract each other.Magnets tend to attract each other.

Which elements tend to attract electrons to become negative ions?

Nonmetals tend to attract electrons to become negative ions.

What is intermolecular hydrogen bonds?

A positive hydrogen atom has a tendency to attract more negative atoms like oxygen. Intermolecular bonds can be within molecules or between molecules.

What colors attract customers?

Bright colours tend to attract the eyes of customers, colours such as red and gold.

What does a high melting point temperature indicate about a substance?

Strong Intermolecular Forces attract the molecules

How does a liquid evaporates?

The particles inside the liquid absorb heat from their surroundings, causing them to gain enough energy to break the intermolecular bonds that attract them to other liquid molecules and become goes in the air.

What do like charges tend to do to one another?

Attract (opposite) OR repel (like).

Why do gases tend to fill out any available space?

Intermolecular bonds in gases are extremely weak; because of this gases can easily expand.

What molecules attract other water molecules and tend to pile up via?


What 3 things describe matter?

The three rules of matter are - 1. The particles of matter have space between them known as intermolecular spaces 2. The particles of matter attract to each other which are known as the forces of intermolecular attraction . The forces that attract to same particles are known as cohesive forces and the forces which attract to different types of matter are called adhesive forces 3.The particles of matter are made up of small small particles

What kind of bonds exist between Hexane molecules?

There are no bonds between hexane molecules. There are intermolecular forces, called London Dispersion Forces which attract other hexane molecules.