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My friend give me a necklace,it is a tiffny necklace.though it is not a nickel necklace,but it is very beautiful.Maybe tiffny jewelry have this kind of nickel necklace

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Q: What does nickel on a necklace do to your neck- Is it good to have nickel on a necklace?
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What was the original use of a necklace?

to where on your neck

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A necklace

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What do you wear around your neck?

A necklace or a scarf.

What is the origin of the word necklace?

cord for the neck

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necklace necktie neck brace bottleneckredneckturtleneckroughneck

What is necklace?

necklace is an accesory that goes around your neck and usually has some sort of design or jewel on it

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How do you wear a pink pearl necklace to school?

On your neck.

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Good quality necklace chains come from jewelry stores like Zales and Jarrod's. Stores like Walmart and KMart sell chains that will turn a person's neck green!

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The ejaculation of a man over the face and neck region (usually mainly neck) around her to make it look like a necklace.