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If you consider the tetrahedron structure of P4, each P atom is engaged in 3 covalent bonds, and and a doublet is left (Remember that P has 5 external electrons). It is like any trivalent phosphorus compound: put two dots on each covalent bond, and a non bonding electron pair on each P. So each P atom is surrounded by 8 electrons. JF Gal

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Phosphorus 4 is drawn slightly different than the normal Lewis structures because you need to utilize 45 degree angle bonds.

each P has three single bonds and a lone pair



/ | \


.. .. ..

naturally this leads to a tetrahedral geometry.

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The P has 5 dots around it anywhere. Google "lewis structure" for exact information. Presented by the Draken.

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:p = p: P has 5 valence electrons. (P2 = 2x5 = 10 valence electrons)

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What is the Lewis structure for P2

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Q: What does the Lewis structure for p4 look like?
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Phosphorus may rarely be seen as P, but it will usually be seen as white or red phosphorus, both of which are P4. White P4 is a tetrahedral structure. Red P4 is a chain-like structure, where one of the bonds from white P4 is broken and joined with a neighboring P4.

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