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Water can be condensed on the bottom of the glass cover.

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Q: What happened inside a beaker and on the bottom of the glass cover after you heated the water in the beaker?
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What is the compound deposited on the inside of the beaker?

You will need to tell us what was put into the beaker and what, if anything was done to the beaker. For instance, was the beaker heated? And resubmit your question.

Why was it important not to let the thermometer rest on the bottom of the breaker?

to get an accurate reading of the liquid inside the beaker, the thermometer should not rest on the bottom of the beaker.

Why is it not allowed to let the bulb of the temperature touch the bottom nor sides of the beaker that contains your liquid measuring the temperature?

The bottom and sides of the beaker will be hotter than the liquid inside.

What are the uses of a beaker brush?

A beaker brush cleans the inside of a beaker after you are finished using it.

If beaker a had 250ml of water beaker b had 500ml water are warmed from 10 celsius to 20 celsius what one requires more heat?

Because there is a greater volume of water in beaker B, the beaker would have to be heated for a longer period of time to reach the same temperature as beaker A. If your desire is to have both beakers warmed to the same temperature at the same time, beaker B would require the addition of more heat (because there is more water inside it).

Should we measure the mass of a beaker before measuring a chemical or powder inside the beaker?

You can do that or you can zero balance the scale with the empty beaker on it before adding the substance to be measured to the beaker.

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Where does the ice come from on the outside of the beaker?

If the liquid inside the beaker is cold, then the water vapor in the air outside of the beaker will condense when it touches the cold glass.

Why does water drops form on the outside of a beaker?

If the liquid inside the beaker is cold, then the water vapor in the air outside of the beaker will condense when it touches the cold glass.

What happens to an aerosol can after the can is heated?

The liquid inside a can becomes gas when a can is heated.

Why water is generally heated from the bottom?

Warm anything, air or water will rise. Cold water is put at the bottom of the tank through a tube inside the tank. The water is heated and rises and is taken out of the top. The inside of the heater is open, it is just a hollow tube. That is why the hot water gets slowly colder, more cold water is being mixed with the hot in the tank.

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