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All flasks contain the same number of molecules

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Q: What if three identical flasks contain three different gases at stp flask a contains ch4 flask b contains CO2 flask c contains n2 which flask contains the largest number of molecules?
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What does crude oil contain?

Crude oil contains a mixture of hydrocarbons molecules

List each container that contains molecules?

There are two containers that contain molecules. Container a and container b. Container a contains carbon dioxide, and container b contains water and carbon dioxide molecules.

Why does each new cell in the body contain an identical series of DNA molecules?

due to DNA replication

Is it possible for two different planes to contain the same line?

Yes, and in fact it is very likely that two planes will contain exactly one identical line. There are three possibilities:The planes are parallel, but not identical, in which case they contain no identical lines.The planes are not parallel, in which case they contain exactly one identical line.The planes are identical, and contain an infinite number of coplanar lines.

Does N2 contain covalent bonds?

Yes, An N2 molecules contains a triple covalent bond

Does seawater contain two or more types of atoms or molecules?

Yes, seawater contains water H2O and NaCl as an absolute minimum. It also contains traces of many other molecules and species.

Does iron only contain one type of atom?

It is true. A compound contains two or more different type of atoms.

Is NH4HCO3 an inorganic molecule?

Organic molecules are those that contain carbon. As NH4HCO3 contains carbon, it is organic.

What molecules contain the strongest polar covalent bond?

H2 contains the strongest polar covalent bond.

Why are the shapes of the lipid molecules different between saturated and unsaturated fats?

Because the unsaturated fats contains double bonds between some of the carbons, saturated fats only contain single bonds between all of the carbons. The double bonding gives the molecules a different goemetry.

What does an oil molecule look like?

No, oils contain a number of different molecules. For example, vegetable oils contain a lot of triglyceride (which is a compound), and petroleum contains a number of different hydrocarbons.

What is Avogadros hypothesis?

the principle that equal volumes of all gases and vapors, under the same conditions of temperature and pressure, contain identical number of molecules.