What is Acid hematin?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Hemoglobin in GI tract converted to acid Hematin due to enzymatic digestion of hemoglobin; acid hematin is brown coffee color as opposed to bright red.

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Q: What is Acid hematin?
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Which meniscus of acid hematin is considered for taking reading?

lower meniscus of acid hematin is considered while taking reading

Why Hydrochloric acid is used for hemoglobin estimation?

to convert the Hb to acid-hematin which is a brown coloured complex.

Which meniscus of acid hematin is considered while taking a reading and why?


What is Acid hematin Method?

it is formed when hcl reacts with hemoglobin is the end product

Why hcl is used in Hb estimation?

Hb forms acid-hematin by reacting with Hcl.

Why is HCl used in sahlis method to determin hb count?

We add Hydrochloric acid (hcl) to convert hemoglobin to acid hematin which is a brownish red color, which we compare with the color of the glass of the Sahli apparatus (Hemoglobinometer). The meniscus (Glass containing the solution) should have marks thatmeasureboth the hemoglobin amount and percentage in the blood.

What is the principle of hemoglobin estimation using cyanmethemoglobin method?

what are the various methods of the Hb estimation???/kindly tell me the senstivity of the methods. i know only one method sahli hemoglobinometer(acid hematin) method. I have enumerated few Sahli - Adam's Method Dare's method Haden's method Wintrobe's method Haldane's method Talliquist method Gasometric method Spectrophotometric method Automated & non-automated hemolglobinometry Other methods alkaline hematin method specific gravity comparator method

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