What is chamical changes?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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produce new substance that have properties diffrent from those of the original substance.

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Q: What is chamical changes?
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What are the result of chamical cycle?

chamical cycle

By heating green copper carbonate so that it changes to black copper oxide will this be a chamical or physical change?

Chemical, the resultant molecules have different structures and properties.

What is the chamical name of P6O2?

phosphorus6 and oxygen2

What is the telephone area code for Chamical Argentina?

The telephone country code for Argentina is +54. The area code for Chamical is 03826, or +54 3826 in international format.

Is acid in rainwater is chamical weathering?

it is a chemical weathering

What is the chamical that gives of color to the leafs of redwood?

blood chribates

What are the two type of digestion describe each?

mechanical and chamical

What is the chamical formula in potassium?

K is the symbol (not chemical formula) for potassium

What bleach is used in making chloroform?

chlorine bleach available in chamical store

Is mixing two substances and light is produced a chemical or physical change?


Name the chamical that controls the puberty?

In males, the key hormone(chemical) is testosterone. In females it is oestrogen that drives puberty.

What is the difference between a chamical and physical change?

The diffence between chemical and physical is that ones chemical and ones physical!!