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Intensive distribution would be where a high percentage resellers stock product largely for convenience factors. Selective distribution would be where only where suitable resellers stock the product. Whereas exclusive distribution would be when resellers are normally specialize or authorized dealers of the product.

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A company with an intensive market exposure is a company that is nationally known. One example of this would be McDonalds. A selective market exposure is a company with few national recognition. And an exclusive market exposure company is a company that selects specific market areas around the U.S. that will suit their location.

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Q: What is intensive selective and exclusive dsitribution?
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Is the coca-cola company's distribution intensive selective or exclusive?


What are the types of Market exposure?

intensive, selective and exclusive

Is L'Oreal 's distribution intensive selective or exclusive?

it's selective by corners in stores such as bergdorf, and exclusive in the official retail stores!

The three strategic options of distribution intensity are?

intensive, exclusive and selective

How many distribution strategies are there?

three types of distribution exclusive selective intensive

Is apple's company distribution exclusive selective or intensive?

Selective. There are a few apple retail stores covering a specific geographical area.

Intensive vs exclusive vs selective distribution?

selective refers to few selected retail customers in a territory to sell products. exclusive refers to selling product to a specific stores. intensive refers to place products in an many outlets as possible.

List and describe three degrees of market coverage?

intensive distribution, exclusive distribution, and selective distribution.

Why manufacturers are constantly tempted to move from exclusive distribution or selective distribution to more intensive distribution?


When to use Intensive vs selective vs exclusive distribution?

It provides maximum coverage of the market by using all available outlets.

How can such a producer justify competing with its own middlemen?

Which types of retail outlets are best suited to intensive distribution? To selective distribution? To exclusive distribution? Explain your answer in each case.

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