What is production of heat?

Updated: 8/9/2023
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the production of heat energy or light. heat could be from electricity a light bulb produces heat and it is electricity and light. it is also energy.

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One option to produce heat is friction.

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Q: What is production of heat?
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What was the Production Budget for The Heat?

The Production Budget for The Heat was $43,000,000.

What is the definition of heat production?


What was the budget for In the Heat of the Night?

The Production Budget for In the Heat of the Night was $2,000,000.

Why active muscle produce more heat?

at the end of metabolism there will be production of energy and heat

What is the heat of reaction for ethanol fermentation from glucose?

-1277.36kJ is the heat of combustion of ethanol. It is not the heat of fermentation for the production of ethanol.

How is kinetic energy related to heat production?

Friction creates heat when an object rubs against another very quickly. So, if the kinetic energy is higher, then there is a more higher chance of heat production.

Organ responsible for heat production?

adrenal gland

Factors that influence heat production?

energy, sun

What are the 5 ways heat is exchanged with the body?

metabolic heat production (heat gain) radiated convection conduction evaporation

What is most of the coal in this country used for?

Production of electricity and heat.

Is the production of heat by sun also combustion?

No, it uses fusion.

How can nuclear energy be used in Dominica?

Examples: production oh heat (including sea water desalinization), production of electricity, research, production of isotopes.