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The concentration of the OH- is 8.0 x 10-4 In terms of molarity, since the hydroxide is double that of the calcium, double the molarity of the solution.

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Q: What is the OH- of a 4.0 x 10-4 M solution of CaOH2?
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Mass of 24 mole of CaOH2?

1 mole of mass of ca (OH) 2 = 40*1 + (16 + 1) 2 = 40 + 34 = 74g. So, mass of 24 moles = 24*74 = 1776g.

What is the OH of a 4.0 x 10 4 M solution of CaOH2?

The OH concentration in a 4.0 x 10^4 M solution of Ca(OH)2 can be determined by dividing the concentration of Ca(OH)2 by its stoichiometric coefficient, which is 2. Thus, the OH concentration is 2.0 x 10^4 M.

How many grams of CaOH2 are needed to prepare 300.0 mL of a 0.115 M solution?

Molarity = moles of solute/Liters of solution ( 300.0 ml = 0.300 liters ) ( Ca(OH)2 is correct formulation ) 0.115 M Ca(OH)2 = moles Ca(OH)2/0.300 Liters = 0.0345 moles Ca(OH)2 (74.096 grams/1 mole Ca(OH)2) = 2.56 grams of Ca(OH)2 needed

What would form an ionic bond N2O5 NCl3 CaOH2 Na2O?

Ca(OH)2 and Na2O

What is the mass of 7.346 moles of CaOH2?

The mass of 7,346 moles of Ca(OH)2 is 544,3 g.

How many moles of ions are in 2 moles of CaOH2?

2 moles of Ca and 4 moles of OH

How do you balance this equation caoh2 plus na2co3 plus hno3?

Ca(OH)2 + Na2CO3 = CaCO3 + 2 NaOH

What is 4N NaOH?

The atomic weight of Na-OH is 23+16+1= 40. So to prepare the one N solution of Na-OH, you need to add 40 grams of Na-OH in one litre of water. To prepare the 4N Na-OH solution, you need to add 160 grams of Na-OH in one litre of water.

Why is calcium hydroxide and limewater caOH2?

Ca(OH)2 is Calcium hydroxide (by chemical name), also known as lime, slaked lime, slack lime or pickling lime (by trivial and geological name)Limewater is the name of saturated solution of it in water.

What is the mass of CaOH2 required to have 10g of calcium?

m sub Ca(OH)2 = ( 10 g Ca ) [ ( 74.12 g Ca(OH)2 ) / ( 40.078 g Ca) ] m sub Ca(OH)2 = 18.5 g Ca(OH)2 <------------------

What compounds can react with h2so4 to form a salt nacl caoh2 hf alcl3h2omgoh2?

Ca(OH)2 and Mg(OH)2 react with sulfuric acid to form the salts, calcium sulfate and magnesium sulfate respectively

What is the distance between Cincinnati OH and Portsmouth OH?

It is 104 miles according to Google Maps.