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the carboxylic acid group of a amino acid will give of an OH molecule while the amino group of the other will give of an H atom to form ah H2O molecule and while the carboxylic group or the C terminal connect to the amino group of the other giving you CONH as the peptide bond.

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Q: What is the chemical attraction between the acid group of one amino acid and the amino group of another amino acid can form?
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What is the chemical bond that forms between the carboxyl group of one amino acid and the amino group of another amino acid?

Peptide bond.

What chemical bond is between one amino acid's organic group and another's amino group?

peptide bond (just peptide on #28 across on the bio cross word)

What is the chemical bond between amino acid organic and amino groups?

The bond is covalent (peptide or amide bond).

What determines the shape of proteins?

The sequence of amino acids. The chemical bonds between amino acids, and temperature and ph. and its environment

How does amino acid vary in structure to another?

They have varying chemical compositions, which allows them to code for different proteins.

What is chemical name for amino nitrogen?

Chemical name of amino nirogen is nitrogen amine or dinitrogen dihydride.

What type of bonds hold together amino acids in a protein?

Amino acids are held together by peptide bonds, which are covalent bonds formed through dehydration synthesis or condensation reactions. It forms between the amino terminus of one amino acid's backbone and the carboxyl terminus of another amino acid's backbone.

What influences protein shape that determines protein function?

Amino acid sequence primarily determines a proteins shape, but secondary (alpha helix and beta sheet) and tertiary structures (Hydrogen bonding, other chemical bonding between structures) adds to it.

What is the difference between one amino acid and another is the?

Assuming that you are talking about the amino acids that are synthesized from tRNA, the difference between one amino acid and another is the 3 letter RNA sequence that calls for the acid: UUG would call for one acid, while AAC will most likely call for another.

What part an amino acid gives the molecule its characteristic chemical properties?

Mainly The R Group, but also that there is also the particular positions that give the amino acid molecule its characteristic chemical properties. Another is at the -C-C-N- peptide linkage.

When amino acids are joined to form a polypeptide chain a waste molecule is given off as a result of the chemical reaction What is this waste molecule?

The waste molecule that is released during the formation of a polypeptide chain is water (H2O). This is a result of a condensation reaction between the amino acids, where a hydroxyl group (-OH) from one amino acid combines with a hydrogen atom (-H) from another amino acid, resulting in the formation of water along with the peptide bond between the two amino acids.

Why can't bacteria distinguish between sulfonamide para amino benzoic acid?

the chemical structure of the two are analogous