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Enthalpy is the energy absorbed or lost from a reaction, but enthalpy change per mole is the amount of energy lost per mole, so in order to get the overall enthalpy from the change per mole, you must multiply that value by the amount of moles used in the reaction.

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Q: What is the difference between enthalpy change and enthalpy change per mole?
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For one mole of any substance at its boiling point the difference in the enthalpy of its vapor is what?

enthalpy of vaporization

The enthalpy change for the complete burning of one mole of a given substance?

enthalpy of combustion

What is the enthalpy change for the reaction between magnesium metal and hydrochloric acid?

-470,000 joule/mole Mg

What is heat of vaporization and heat of fusion?

Heat of vaporization is the enthalpy change when one mole of a liquid is transformed into one mole of a gas. Heat of fusion is the enthalpy change when one mole of a solid is transformed into one mole of a liquid.

What is standard enthalpy change of atomization?

It is the enthalpy change when one mole of atoms in the gaseous state is formed from the element under standard conditions (298k and 1atm)

Definition for standard enthalpy change of neutralization?

Enthalpy change of neutralisation is defined as the enthalpy change of a reaction where one mole of hydrogen ions reacts with one mole of hydroxide ions to form one mole of water under standard conditions of 1 atm, 298K (25 degree Celsius) and in the solutions containing 1 mol per dm3.

What is the difference between a mole and a badger?

The difference between a mole and a badger & a mole is that badgers are wider

What is Molar bond enthalpy?

Molar bond enthalpy shows the change in a bond association. For example, if one mole of bond is broken, the energy change that results is DHd (degree).

When 1.00 mole of NH4NO3 dissolves in water the enthalpy change is ฮ”H 25.7 kJ. What is the enthalpy change if 17.5 grams of NH4NO3 are dissolved in water?

This value is 5,62 kJ.

What is the enthalpy change for dissolution of one mole of ammonium nitrate?

+25.69 kJ mol-1

What is the different between iodine in enthalpy in atomisation and enthalp y of sublimation?

i believe that standard enthalpy change of atomisation is the enthalpy change that takes place when one mole of gaseous atoms is formed from its elements under standard conditions(which includes breaking of bonds between atoms within molecules), while for sublimation it only involves the change of states (from solid to liquid) with no intramolecular bonds broken.

What is known as ionisation enthalpy?

it is the energy required for a mole of atom to loose a mole of electron.

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