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Chemical formula: Al2S3.(H2O)5 or Al2S3.5H2O

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Q: What is the formula for aluminum sulfide pentahydrate?
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Chemical symbol for aluminum sulfide?

The chemical formula for aluminum sulfide is Al2S3.

What is the formula unit of aluminum sulfide?

The chemical formula for aluminium sulfide is Al2S3.

Chemical formula for aluminum sulfide?

S2Ur5 NO this is wrong! There isn't even an element that is Ur wow! The answer is Al2S3

What is the empirical formula for aluminum sulfide (Al3+, S2-)?

Al2S3 is the empirical formula

What is the chemical formula for the ionic compound formed from aluminum and sulfur?

Al2S3. Obviously, the 2 and 3 are subscript. The reason this happens is because of the bonding ratio: there are 3 S ions required to balance 2 Al ions.

What is the formula copper I phosphate pentahydrate?

Copper (I) phosphate pentahydrate is Cu3PO4.5H2O

Is aluminum sulfide soluble in water?

Aluminum sulfide decomposes in water.

What is the formula for cupric sulfate pentahydrate?

Formula: CuSO4.5H2O

What is the difference of aluminum sulfide and aluminum sulfate?

Aluminum Sulfide ==> Al2S3 Aluminum Sulfate ==> Al2(SO4)3 Aluminum sulfide is just aluminum and sulfur, while aluminum sulfate is Aluminum plus Sulfate (Polyatomic ion made of sulfur and oxygen)

How many sulfur atoms are in 1.10 mol of aluminum sulfide?

Aluminum sulfide is Al2S3, which has 3 sulfur atoms per formula unit. 1.10mol means 1.10(6.02x1023), which is 6.62x1023 formula units. Multiple that by 3 to get your sulfur atoms: 6.62x1023(3) = 1.99x1024 sulfur atoms.

The correct formula of an ionic compound containing Al3 plus and CO32?

Al2S3 is the correct formula for aluminum sulfide.

In making aluminum sulfide, 54 g of aluminum and 100 grams of sulfur make 150.3 g of aluminum sulfide and leftover sulfur. How much aluminum and sulfur should be used to make 150 g of aluminum sulfide with no leftovers?