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The ionic product for water is defined by

KW = [H3O+][OH-]

For water at standard temperature and pressure, it is 1.00 x 10-14 mol2/dm6

pKW (which is equivalent to the pH) will be 7 at room temperature,

because it is the -log10 of KW, and -log10 of the square root of 1x10-14 is 7.

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1.00x10-14 is the value of the self-ionization constant of water.

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Kw = [H+][OH-] = 10-14

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Q: What is the ion-product constant for water?
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The dissociation constant of pure water is 1.9E-5.

What does K subscript w mean?

Kw is called the water autoprotolysis constant or water autoionization constant

The abbreviation Kw represents the what?

The ionization constant of water at 250C, its value is 1x10-14 A: ion-product constant of water.

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Ion product constant is essentially when something reaches equilibrium. Such as in the case of water. When water reaches its ion product constant it becomes both a base and an acid, reaching equilibrium.

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