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are you sure you don't mean 4.501023 moles of Cl2?

If you're sure, m=(35.45/(6.023X10^23X4)) which is a very small number. Again though, I'm pretty sure you wrote the question wrong

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2012-08-15 09:46:21
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Q: What is the mass in grams of 4.501023 atoms Cl?
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Determine the mass of 7.71x10E23 atoms of Cl answer in grams?

The answer is 45,776 grams.

What is the mass of 7 point 7 E12 atoms Cl?

7.7 X 1012 atoms Cl (1 mole Cl/6.022 X 1023)(35.45 grams/1 mole Cl) = 4.5 X 10 -10 grams of chlorine -----------------------------------------

How many grams is 3.01x1023 atoms of Cl?

3.01 X 1023 atoms of chlorine (1 mole Cl/6.022 X 1023)(35.45 grams/1 mole Cl) = 17.7 grams of chlorine ======================as indicated, half of Avogadro's number yields half the mass

What is the molar mass of Cl?

35.453 grams

How many Cl- ions are there in 400.5 grams of AlCl3?

1 mol of AlCl3 has mass 133.5 g and has 3 mol Cl- atoms so 400.5 g AlCl3 means 3 mol AlCl3 which means 9 mol Cl- atoms. So Ans = 9 X 6.022 X 1023 = 5.4198 X 1024 Cl- atoms

What is the mass in grams of 3.0110-23 atoms Cl?

You probably mean 3.01x10^23 atoms, not -23.3.01x10^23 atoms x 1 mol/6.02x10^23 atoms x 35.5 g/mol = 17.8 g

How many gram in 1.7x1022 atom of chlorine?

Molar mass of Cl = 35.453g/mol 1mol Cl atoms = 6.022 x 1023 atoms (1.7 x 1022 atoms Cl) x (1mol/6.022 x 1023 atoms) x (35.453g/mol) = 1.0g Cl

How many moles are in 2Cl2?

Well, there are 140 grams of 2Cl2 in one mole of it. You take the atomic mass and find how many atoms and multiply them together. Chlorine has an atomic mass of about 35, so multiply by four b/c there are four Cl atoms in 2Cl2 .

What is the percent of silver in silver chloride?

Silver chloride: AgClAtomic mass of Ag: 107.9 gramsAtomic mass of Cl: 35.5 gramsMolecular mass: 107.9 + 35.5 = 143.4 grams107.9 grams Ag / 143.4 grams AgCl = .75235.5 grams Cl / 143.3 grams AgCl = .248Take the results and multiply by 100 to change to a percent:.752 × 100 = 75.2% Ag.248 × 100 = 24.8% Cl

What is 15 cl in grams?

what is 15 cl in grams

How many moles of Cl atoms in 3.61x1024?

I am assuming you mean 3.61 x 1024 atoms. 1 mole of Cl atoms = 6.022 x 1023 atoms Cl (Avogadro's number) 3.61 x 1024 atoms Cl x (1mol Cl/6.022 x 1023 atoms Cl) = 5.99mol Cl

What is the molecular mass of Cl 2?

The atomic mass of chlorine is 35.5. A chlorine molecule has two chlorine atoms. Therefore its molecular mass is 71u.

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