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The minimum speed for cutting steel with an aluminum oxide stone is 35 m/s.

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Q: What is the minimum speed for cutting steel with an aluminum oxide stone?
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How fast lathes, cutting speed can be fast, it has a relationship with the feed amount and diameter.

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cutting speed is a combination of depth of cut and feed.

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In fact, answer is not fixed.The aluminum cutting tools are related with aluminum-plate material quality, and what brand of your machinery. Different CNC machine tools, different parameter data setting.High Rotating Speed, Low Feedrate:use 3.175MM flute end mills (ASTECH-Tools) is no problem. But water-cooling for mill bits is suggested. Then add deeding speed slowly.Some of our customers cut aluminum sheet 4-6mm, and get satisfied performance; they just test and finish cutting separately, step by step.By the way, if you demand very very good performance, and not care little higher tools cost, then you may have good try High-Class Flute Mills. The aluminum cutting tools are all produced by imported Germany and Italy materials, and can work continuously 3-5 days (according to everyday cutting amount).Most metal working shops now use Plasma torches to cut any/all metals,via hand held and CNC systems. The cost of this equipment has been dropping so that even small shops can afford this technology. Some have Water-Jet cutting machines. These are always CNC as travel speed has to be precise. Twenty years ago I watched a shop owner use one of these. It would cut any metal, granite, wood, plastics etc. etc.

What is High speed steel made of?


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