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A molecule of water is removed with the binding of two monomers. For this reason, it is called a dehydration reaction.

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you must remove water

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Q: What must you remove to synthesize large biological molecules?
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What type of bonds do large biological molecules make?

Covalent Bonds form large biological molecules

The large diversity of shapes of biological molecules is possible because of the extensive presence of?

The large diversity of shapes of biological molecules is possible because of carbon.

Do catabolic reactions use energy to synthesize large molecules?

No, anabolic reactions build larger molecules from smaller molecules.

What are large biological molecules put together by?

Most Biological molecules are put together or held together by covalent bonds. Covalent bonds form between two nonmetal elements.

What is hydrolysis of large biological molecules into smaller ones that can be absorbed by cells?

chemical digestion

What bonds usually stabilize large biological molecules?

Hydrogen bonds. Collectively, they are strong enough to stabilize the characteristic structures of large biological molecules such as DNA. From the college text book "Biology: Concepts and Applications without Physiology 8th Edition".

What feature of large biological molecules explains their great diversity?

The many ways that monomers of each class of biological molecule can be combined into polymers

Which terms identifies the process used by the cell to remove large molecules?

Exocytosis is the process by which large molecules are transported out of the cell.

Large biological molecules known as lipids?

A lipid is a large non polar biological molecule which is not a polymer. Insoluble in water and store energy and make up the cell membranes. So yes you are correct.

What name is given to large organic molecules that are found in organisms?

Macromolecule from biological polymerization can be called Bio-polymers.

What is molecular formula of proteins?

Proteins are large biological molecules consisting of one or more chains of amino acid residues.

Why are Nucleic acids proteins and other large biological molecules are known as polymers?

Because they have large collection of monomers and the monomers linked each other by bond.