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Q: What size particles seem to stay suspended indefinitely in a quiet body of water?
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What is a load suspended?

It is particles in water such as sand.

What is metal in water?

If you are referring to any metal particles suspended in water I believe the term you are looking for is Colloidal. For example.... Colloidal Silver is silver particles suspended in water.

Water vapor condenses on suspended particles called?

Clouds or fog.

How can you separate fine mud particles suspended in water?

by the process of sedimentation it can be separated.

What method of separation would you use for water and tiny particles floating in it?

A filter paper should be enough to remove small particles suspended in water.

What keeps particles suspended?

the brownianian movement of the water molecules. push in all directions the tiny particles.

Which type of pollution occurs when small particles of soil are suspended in water?

Physical pollution

The fine particles floating in the water as they are carried along by a stream or river constitute?

Suspended load

What is filterfeeders?

Filter feeders are animals, that feed by straining suspended matter, and food particles from water.

What size particles seem to stay suspended in a quite body of water?

wdk we dont know

What is the use of aluminum sulfate?

It is used in antiperspirants and to remove suspended particles during water purification.

What do you call organisms that obtain food by trapping particles suspended in water in their pores?

filter feeding