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ethylammonium hydroxide

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Q: When ethyl amine dissolves in water what solution is produced?
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What is the pH of ethyl amine would be?

Ethylamine solution is basic.

What functional group is ethyl-amine?


In what amine is the nitrogen bonded to two carbon atoms?

In what amine is the nitrogen bonded to two carbon atoms? A 2 carbon amine is ethyl amine C2H5NH2 I have a way to remember the prefixes for organic molecules with a straight line,1C, 2 C, 3 C, and 4C organic molecules. The prefixes are methyl-, ethyl-, propyl-, and butyl-. "ME EAT PEANUT BUTTER". The molecules with more C's -C- methyl -C-C- ethyl -C-C-C- propyl -C-C-C-C- butyl (long u sound) ethyl amine ...H..H ….!...! H-C-C-N-H …!...!...! ...H..H.H

Is C2H5NH2 a strong acid?

C2H5OH it is not an acid, it is an alchohol (ethanol).

Which among cyclohexane DCM ethanol phenol benzoic acid ethyl acetate and ethyl amine exhibits strongest interactive forces at room temperature?

secret -a

Is ethyl amine astrong electrolyte?

Yes, propylamine has a weak base nature.

What observation is expected if the sample of water is soluble in the ethyl acetate?

You get an ethyl acetate in water solution

How would the rate of disappearance of ethyl bromide change if the solution were diluted by adding an equal volume of pure ethyl alcohol to the solution?

multiplied by 1/4

What dissolves viton?

Acetone is an excellent solvent as well as ethyl acetate....or alternatively some fingernail polish remover.

Reaction of ethyl-4-aminobenzoate and hydrochloric acid?

What is the chemical structure formed when combining ethyl-4-aminobenzoate and hydrochloric acid? Does Chlorine bind to the Amine group? N will have a + charge due to the addition of the hydrogen, and Cl will have a - charge because of deprotoniztion. They should form an ionic bond at the amine group. they react to make an ammonium salt its an addition reaction with only one product produced, the ethyl 4-aminobenzoate acts as the base and accepts protons from the HCl, the lone pair in the nitrogen of ethyl 4-aminobezoate forms a dative covalent bond with the Hydrogen ion

What is the type of solution of denatured and alcohol?

There are different formulations for denaturing ethyl alcohol. One such formulation adds isopropyl alcohol, methyl ethyl ketone and denatonium benzoate to the ethyl alcohol to make it unpalatable.

What is the function of sodium carbonate solution in ethyl acetate experiment?

It acts as buffers