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it turns into coal

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When wood burns in a fire, it undergoes a chemical reaction called combustion where the wood reacts with oxygen to produce heat, light, and various byproducts such as carbon dioxide and ash. The cellulose and lignin in the wood break down and release energy in the form of heat, leading to the characteristic flames and embers in a fire.

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Q: When wood burns in fire what happens to the wood?
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How does fire burns?

Fire burns with the fire triangle. Heat, oxygen, and fuel (wood or gasoline).

Why does fire burn fast?

Fire does not burn, its whatever if fueling the fire that burns. For example, wood is a fuel that burns, and fire is the result. The speed at which a fuel burns, depends on the fuel. i.e. Wood burns much slower than gasoline.

What burns well for a fire?


What burns on a fire?

What burns in a wood fire is the gas inside the wood, and the heat breaks down particles in the wood, causing the bonds that were broken to release energy and the entire compound then combusted.

How does fire?

Fire burns with the fire triangle. Heat, oxygen, and fuel (wood or gasoline).

What happens when a guitar is on fire?

it burns

What happens to a forest when there is fire?

It burns

Do you burn wood on the fire or in the fire?

Neither... The wood is the fuel, but first it needs to become a gas. The gas is what burns.

What happens to wood as it burns?

It turns into ash and smoke.

What happens when you put an acorn on fire?

it burns

What happens if you set a pomegranate on fire?

The pomegranate burns.

What happens when steel-wool burns?

it catches fire