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Because when you write the electron and orbital notations for elements, those are the elements that end in the p-orbitals.

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These elements are called p-block elements because their outermost electrons are in the p orbital. In the groups 13 to 18, the electrons fill the p sublevel in the outermost energy level of the atom, which gives these elements their unique properties.

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Q: Which statement best explains why the elements in groups 13 to 18 of the periodic table are called p-block elements?
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What is a chart that lists all the known elements?

It is called the Periodic Table of Elements.

On the periodic tabel what is a columb of elements called?

On the periodic table the elements are called groups.

Which best explains the bonding behavior of the family of elements in the Periodic table called metals?

Metals tend to form bonds by gaining electrons.

What is the name of the table of elements?

A Periodic table The Periodic Table of the Elements.

What statement says that the properties of elements repeat in predictable way when atomic numbers are used to arrange elements into groups?

This is called the "Periodic Law" or "Principle of Periodicity".

What is the document in which elements are organized by their properties called?

The Periodic Table of the Elements, sometimes called just the Periodic Table, is the document in which elements are organized by their properties. It was created in 1869.

What are the elements in the middle of the periodic called?

transition elements

What is pattern of repeating properties of elements revealed in the periodic table called?

The pattern of repeating properties of elements in the periodic table is called periodicity. This periodicity arises from the similar electronic structure and arrangements of elements within the table.

A statement that explains observations and can be tested is called?


A chart of the elements showing the repeating pattern of their properties is called the?

the periodic table.

Why its called periodic table?

Because the elements progress in a periodic function.

What are the borderline elements called on the periodic table?

The "borderline" elements on the periodic table are the diagonal row of elements that separates the metals from the non-metals. They are called metalloids and the amphoteric line.