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Q: Who is Bu Ali Sina and what were his discoveries in the field of chemistry?
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When was Bu-Ali Sina University created?

Bu-Ali Sina University was created in 1973.

How many books written by Bu Ali Sina?


What is abu ali ibn sina famous for?

He wrote a medical encyclopedia that stressed the contagious nature of certain diseases.

What has the author Zulficar Ali Mughal written?

Zulficar Ali Mughal has written: 'Chemistry of the anthracyclinones'

Who is the author of Canon of Medicine?

The Canon of Medicine was not a person but a book written first by Ibn Sina (a Persian philosopher) who believed that the human body cannot be restored to health unless the causes of both health and disease are determined. This book had all medical knowledge known in 1025

What actors and actresses appeared in Bu-Ali Sina - 1987?

The cast of Bu-Ali Sina - 1987 includes: Mohammad Abhari Rozita Ameri Enayat Bakhshi Abdollah Esfandiari Nasrin Ghassemzadeh Abbas Hatami Shahrzad Kamali Farhad Khanmohammadi Jamshid Layegh Esmaeel Mehrabi as KIng Mansoor ibn Nooh Samani Hadi Moghaddam Ezzatollah Moghbeli Hossein Moheb Ahari Asghar Mohebbi Saleh Najafi Ayat Najafi Abbas Nazeri Soroor Nejatollahi Malihe Nikjumand Saeed Oveisi Mohammad Sarban Soehila Shahmoradi Mohsen Sohrabi Amin Tarokh as Bu-Ali Sina (Avicenna) Mehri Vadadian Changiz Vossoughi Ataollah Zahed

What has the author Syed Iqbal Ali written?

Syed Iqbal Ali has written: 'Effect of surfactant structure on colloidal shear stability' -- subject(s): Colloids, Surface chemistry, Surface active agents

What actors and actresses appeared in Fasle Baranhaye Mousemi - 2010?

The cast of Fasle Baranhaye Mousemi - 2010 includes: Alireza Bagheri as Masoud Mehran Khodaei as Ali Marzieh Khoshtarash as Nahid Navid Layeghi Moghadam as Sina

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How did Islam spread in the rule of first four caliphs?

632 years after the death of Mohammed, his first four successor. ABU "Kerr (632 ~ 634 in) the mayer ibn sina HaDaBu (634 ~ 644 in) the Ottoman ibn sina all o (644 ~ 656 in) ali ibn sina than · tower by the o (656 ~ 661 in) * hassan ali ibn sina (661 ~ 662, the half a year's transition, ali was assassinated by its temporary hassan after any of the caliphs, a 6 months after taking power above, so he and orthodox caliphs time get 30 years) ____________________________________________________ They were chosen by consultation that is called in Arabic "Shoura" and then voting among all people.

Why do you think that Islam was growing so rapidly?

Because it's a marvelous and splendid religion. Qur'an and prophet Muhammad's (pbuh) hadiths (statements) are wonderful; they were having impact on almost everybody who reads them. Poets(Arab) were marveled and surprised by Qur'an's beauty (even enemies were listening to Qur'an just to enjoy it's loveliness). Later throughout the centuries scientists were encouraged by Qur'an and it led them to discover many things... There were a lot of scientists known as Muslims. Here's the list of some:Abu Ali ibn Sina (aka Avicenna) - founder of medicine. Medicine is derived from words Madad(help, grace) and Sina(family name of the scientist), which together(Madadi Sina) mean "Grace of Sina".The answer is about to be completed.

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