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friction in machines is undesirable becouse becouse the materials used to make them are always in griding form. ALLY S. MUBA-ngarambe

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Computers run on electricity. The metals and semiconductors out of which the computer components are made all have a slight resistance to the flow of the electric current and this causes them to heat up in use.

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Due to friction

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Q: Why do machines with moving parts give off heat?
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Why machines are applied with grease?

It's to reduce friction (and thus heat) generated while the machine's parts are moving.

Why are transformer more efficient that rotating electric machines?

Because the electrical parts of a transformer do not move / rotate.

Why is it important to reduce friction on moving parts of machinery?

Friction creates heat. Heat could melt machine parts if it becomes too high. That's why many machines use lubricants while they're drilling or shaping metal.

Why are tools and machines coated with greases?

The grease is there to lessen friction between two metal parts. Without grease the moving parts would heat up due to the friction.

What are disadvantages of heat produced by friction in machines?

energy used for the machine will get lost as heat .machine parts will get worn out.

Is it true that lubrication in vehicles moving parts prevents damage from heat and friction and keeps the moving parts operating efficiently?


What two parts of an animal give off the most heat?

Tail and Ears

What machine has the most moving parts?

Most man- made machines have relatively low efficiency. For instance, a car or aeroplane is very noisy and will get very hot. This noise and heat is wasted energy and makes up a significant proportion of the total energy (fuel) input.

What are the functions of the heat?

The main purpose of a heat sink is to expel heat from a generating source. Heat sinks work through the process of conductive and convection heat transfer. Heat sinks are a passive form of cooling, as they have no moving parts and require no power.

Why is machine heated up when it runs for sometime?

Machines heated up due to the friction caused due to their running internal parts. That's's why machines are oiled or greased to reduce friction and to produce less heat

Why lubricating oil is used?

Lubricating oil is used to reduce friction between moving parts and to prevent damage due to excess heat. Lubricating oil also carries away sludge preventing the erosion of moving parts.

How and why friction is cut down in a car engine?

How - with cooling oil Why - because friction causes heat, and overheating is bad for moving parts.