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When the ship is at the port, the water is shallow therefore we use high seawater suction. If the low seawater suction was used instead, impurities such as sand would be sucked into the system..

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Q: Why do you have high and low sea water suction?
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How are low tides different from High tides?

In high tides areas, the water level is higher the average sea level. In areas between high tides, low tides from. In low tide areas, the water level is lower than average sea level.

What is it called when water moves high to low?

It is a flood tide when the sea is coming in, and an ebb tide when the sea is going out.

What physical conditions create high salinity water in the Red Sea and low salinity water in the Baltic Sea?

The Red Sea receives little rain fall and has high evaporation rates resulting in high-salinity water. The Baltic Sea contains low-salinity water as a result of abundant freshwater runoff from the surrounding land.

Does a sea breeze have low or high air pressure?

It depends on the salt content of the water. (low air pressure=high salt content, high air pressure=low salt content) jks

How much time the water take to reach from highest level to lowest level in the sea during low-high tides?

I know the gap between low tide and high tide is 12 hrs 24 mts. but no idea how much time sea water takes to reach from low to high.I have seen the sea rises with in 30 mts while swiming in sea

Is the Sea of Cortez saltier because fresh water input is low and evaporation is high?

Yes, it is true.

How does the water level along the coast differ at high tide and at low tide?

Because of how the moon pulls the tides with its gravitational force, at high tide the level along the coast rises, and at low tide it lowers back into the sea.

Is low tide when you can get on the sand?

Yes. Low tide is the time when there height of the water in the sea is low. High tide is the term for when the height of the water in the sea is high. This is a local effect and does not indicate a change in the level of the waters of the whole world, but only the fact that they have moved away for a period of time. Low and High tide only strictly refer to the water height of the oceans and seas. To some extent rivers that are effected by the height of the sea, but not to lakes, dams or other water bodies that vary in height for reasons other than astronomical effects.

In the subtropics the saltiest water is generally at the surface, why?

What causes low salinity in the oceans at high latitudes?In subtropical latitudes, high surface evaporation creates high salinity near the sea surface. In subpolar latitudes, high precipitation creates low salinity near the sea surface. As these waters flow into the ocean interior, they create layers of high and low salinity.

Is vineger sea water and distilled water low or high in PH?

They all have a low pH, distilled water has a pH of around 7 and vinegar is an acid along with seawater making them below seven.

What is as high as a mountain but low as the sea?


Why does water boil at a low temperature on a high mountain compared too at sea level?

Because there is less air pressure.