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she realizes she is free

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Q: Why does Mrs. Mallard's reaction to her husband's death change?
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Since the question seems to be about reactions - and the whole idea of a reaction is that something is changing... The CHANGE in Gibbs free energy will always be positive for a spontaneous reaction. As far as whether the Gibbs free energy of a system (without the term "change" attached) ... Since Gibbs free energy is a state function, it is always defined relative to a standard state. Asking if the Gibbs free energy is positive is akin to asking how "high" something is - the answer depends on where you define zero to be. If you define 0 height to be the level of the ground you are standing on, you will get a different answer than if you define zero height to be "sea level". A cactus in Death Valley may have a positive height relative to the ground, but would actually have a negative height relative to sea level. Likewise, the Gibbs free energy of a system will be positive or negative (or zero) depending on what you define as the standard state.

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What physical changes does Mrs. Mallard undergo as she considers the implications of her husband and death?

The physical change that occurs in the character of Mrs. Mallard of course is due to first the news that her husband has died and second that he has not actually died. The first bit of news triggers initial grief, which quickly subsides into feelings of liberation and freedom. The news of the death of her husband makes her realize just how oppressive marriage has been to her, and that she is ready to start planning her new life.

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Which event is foreshadowed in the first paragraph in The Story of An Hour?

In the first paragraph of "The Story of an Hour," Mrs. Mallard's heart condition is mentioned, foreshadowing her eventual death upon realizing her husband is still alive. This creates a sense of irony and sets the stage for the dramatic turn of events in the story.

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