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Hcl liberates the ions of the salt which enables it to impart colour to flame easily.

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Q: Why in flame tests concentrated hydrochloric acid is used to make the paste of the salt?
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How are flame tests used in forensic science?

Flame tests are used to help identify substances used in murders

Flame tests in daily life?


What are the techniques used to analyze inorganic chemicals?

Precipitation tests Flame tests Tests on gases Other ions

What is the flame color of Lead II Nitrate?

Lead compounds tend to be blue in flame tests

How do impurities affect the outcome of the flame tests?

The result can be erroneous.

Why can you not use flame tests to identify all the elements?

1. not all elements give colour to the flame 2. flame test is not always accurate

When doing flame tests Li Cl and K Cl both contain Cl so what makes the flame tests different colors?

The flame tests are different because they contain different metal cations. Since the metals were the variable that you changed, you know that can be the only reason why the flames would be different colors.

What is the method identifying metal?

there are many tests but flame test, colour and spectroscopy..are the prilimnary tests for identifying metals.

Why do scientists use flame tests?

To Determine the emission spectrum of a sample

What tests could be done to determine the identity of zinc?

flame test

What can happen when flame tests are carried out carelessly?

The results may be erroneous.

Why does the anion not play a role in the color of a flame in a flame test?

Anions do not play a role in the color of a flame in a flame test because they are not visible as the energy gap do not correspond to that of a visible photon. Flame tests are only applicable to cations.