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Benzoic acid is a weak acid, which means that its dissociation is reversible.

C6H5COOH -----> C6H5COO- + H+

At pH 2, there are a lot of H+ ions in the solution. According to Le Chatelier's Principle, the equilibrium will shift to the left to favor the opposite reaction where Benzoic acid is produced, to reduce the amount of H+ in the solution. Therefore, an insignificant amount of benzoic acid will dissociate, while most of it remains in the molecular form.

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Q: Why is benzoic acid is in molecular form at pH of 2?
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What is the pH value of benzoic acid?

Depending on its concentration.Examples:1.0 mol/L >> pH = 2.10.01 mol/L >> pH = 3.1

Why is benzoic acid is extracted into ether then extracted into an alkali solution prior to being precipitated with strong acid in its preparation with grignard reagent?

When you're attempting to extract benzoic acid from other organic compounds, it is necessary to change its pH by adding a layer of an basic compound such as 1M NaOH so that the benzoic acid then can be separated from the organic layer within a separatory funnel. When in NaOH, the benzoic acid loses a proton and thus becomes its conjugate base (the benzoate ion). The benzoate ion is charged and thus become miscible in the aqueous layer. To extract benzoic acid (ie get it to precipitate out of solution), a strong acid such as HCl must be added to solution. After the extraction, lower the pH of the solution, and recrystalize (use ice after the recrystalization to get benzoic acid crystals to crash out).

What mass of sodium benzoate should be added to 160.0 mL of a 0.15 mL benzoic acid solution in order get a buffer with a pH of 4.30?

4.5 grams

Why does carbonic acid cause the pH of the ocean to decrease?

Carbonic acid ionizes to form protons which lower pH .

What are other ph decreasers?

Adding an acid to a solution can cause the ph to decrease. Looking at things in the molecular level a good acid or something that will be able to decrease the ph will be anything that can easily donate an H+ ion to a solution. Strong acids are examples

How will you prove that nitric acid is an acid?

you can easily prove this by testing nitric acid with pH paper...if the color matches to any of the pH levels form 0-7, it is an acid

What has a pH of 9.7?

Phenolphthalein has a pH of 9.7. It colorless in its acid form. It has a pinkish type color in its basic or normal form.

How do you measure the pH of 98 percent concentrated acid?

To measure the pH of 2% water !?! in any acid: try a pH meter, but be careful: you may damage the electrode!In principle pH totally depends on WHAT kind of acid you are talking: You have know if it is weak or strong, what is the molecular mass, how many ionisable protons, and even the density (in g/L).

Does acid have a base?

All acids(pH -7) can be neutralized by a base(pH 7+) to form hydrogen molecules or become neutral (pH:7) Acid does not have a specific base.

Is an acid with the pH of 1 stong acid?

Not necessarily. The pH of a solution depends on the strength of the acid and its concentration. Some acids at the stronger end of weak acids can form a solution with a pH of 1 at a high enough concentration.

How does acid precipition form?

acid precipitation can form by air pollution, burning of fossil fuels, and Natural Resources.acid precipitation is formed from the ph level in waters. if the ph level is high and gets evaporated it will rain down as "acid rain"

A 50.0 ml sample of 0.43 m benzoic acid c6h5cooh is titrated with 0.50 m naoh calculate the pH at the equivalence point ka of c6h5cooh equals 6.5 10-5?