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In chemistry, only substances can be termed pure. Orange Juice is a mixture of multiple substances because you can change its composition by changing the proportions of substances.

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Q: Why would a chemist find fault with the phrase pure orange juice?
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What is 'orange juice' when translated from English to Italian?

Succo d'arancia is an Italian equivalent of the English phrase "orange juice." The phrase translates literally as "juice of orange" in English. The pronunciation will be "SOOK-ko da-RAN-tcha" in Pisan Italian.

Whats wrong with the phrase pure orange juice?

There is a lot of different substances that go into what we call orange juice but it is not pure because factories put water sugar etc. into it

What does OJ mean?

Orange Juice orange juice

Why is orange juice called orange juice when its in fact yellow?

Because it's the juice from an orange which is in fact orange.

What is the difference between concentrated orange juice and orange juice?

the orange juice is a liquid but the orange does not.

What is the difference between orange juice orange drink orange beverage orange punch and orange cocktail?

Orange juice is the juice of an orange. Orange drink and orange beverage are drinks that are orange flavored, but generally contain little to no actual juice. Orange cocktail is an orange juice based drink mixed with other juices or flavors.

Is there caffeine in mcDonalds orange juice?

No, there is no caffeine in McDonald's Orange Juice.

Why is orange juice called jugo de china in spanish?

In some countries, like Puerto Rico, oranges are called "chinas". But "jugo de naranja"is the most popular phrase in Latin America for orange juice.

What all is in orange juice?

Oranges are in Orange Juice

What is healthier orange juice or coke?

orange juice

What percentage of an orange is juice?

a orange have about 50% of juice

What is cactus juice?

Its juice from a cactus plant. Like apple juice is juice from an apple and orange juice is juice from an orange.