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how much are 1970 silver 1oz Canadian olympic coins worth

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Face value only.

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Probably $700

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Q: How much is the 1976 Canadian olympic silver 5 dollar coin worth?
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How much is the 1874-1974 wennipeg Canadian silver dollar worth?

A dollar

Is the 1982 Constitution silver dollar worth anything?

The coin is pure nickel with absolutely no silver, and is still worth one Canadian dollar.

What is a 1952 Canadian dollar bill worth?

Such a coin is silver and the price is determined by silver price. As of writing they are worth $4.10

What is a Canadian centennial silver dollar worth?

one really cheap hooker

How much is a Canadian centenial 1876-1976 silver dollar worth?


What is the price of a Canadian silver dollar after 1967?

After 1967, Canadian dollar coins no longer contained silver. 1968-86, they're made of pure nickel, and are still worth one dollar each in Canada.

What is a Canadian 1907 Silver Dollar worth?

Sorry, 1907 CDN Silver dollar does not exist. First minted CDN Silver dollar in 1935 King George V with voyageur flip.

How much is a Canadian 1936 silver dollar worth?

Canada didn't make any silver dollars in 1932.

What is the value of a silver Canadian five dollar 1989?

It can be worth about $35 - $50. It depends on the condition.

What is the worth of a silver Canadian dollar of 1951?

in circulated condition, it's only worth it's bullion value for 0.6 of an ounce of silver -- currently about $8

Value of 1978 silver Canadian dollar?

The coin is actually made of pure nickel, NOT silver, and it's still worth one Canadian dollar.

What is a 1962 Canadian silver dollar worth?

1962 is a relatively common date. Canadian half dollars at the time were 80% silver with 20% copper, and are currently worth about six dollars just for the metal content.