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You do not need to go to college to become a massage therapist. Though that may be true in the future because the profession is growing so rapidly. Right now, you first need to find out if you are in a State regulated Massage Therapy licensing, or if you are in a State where individual municipalities, like counties or cities, have their own licensing laws.

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over one million colleges for massage therapy in this nation

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They don't go to college. They go to a vocational training and it takes 2-6 months.

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Q: How long do massage therapist go to college?
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How long do you have to go to school to be a massage therapist in Illinois?

2-4 years.

What do you minor and major in to become a massage therapist?

You do not need a college education to become a massage therapist. Most massage therapists go to a private vocational school, community college, or caree institute. The most common amount of training required in most US cities, counties, or states is a minimum of 500 hours of training at an accredited school.

How long will I have to go to school or training to become a massage therapist?

There are several massage therapy schools that offer programs to help a person become a licensed massage therapist. Depending on the number of contact hours required by state the programs can take a few weeks to two years.

How long does a massage therapist go to school?

Typical classes last 6 months. You can also find some schools that go for up to a year.

Can a Jehovah's witness be a massage therapist?

Of course. We can also go to one for treatments.

You are a Physical therapy graduate from Europe you are now in New York and you want to practice your degree is it possible that you could work here as a physical therapist?

unfortunately you will have to take the boards in new york and im pretty sure you will have to go back to college too. my massage therapist was a PT in Germany and when she came to the states they told her she had to go to school here. so she became a massage therapist instead. what a waste - she was a good PT.

How long would you have to go to college if you want to become a full time physical therapist?

8 years

How old do you have to be to be able to go to a massage therapist?

I'm not certain, but I'm pretty certain there are no restrictions on age. As long as you can get on the table safely, shouldn't matter what your age is.

Where can one find Massage Therapist Schools online?

If one wants to find a Massage Therapist School online it is a good idea to go to the website of NCBTMB, the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork. There one can find reliable and cerfitied schools.

Best doctor chiropractor massage therapist in Denver?

try physical therapist . Not quite sure if 'doctor,chiropractor and massage therapist is one person.' But I go to Evocare Center for Physical Health and think Dr. Spallone is the best chiropractor in Denver (in Lakewood) and he has a discount massage center in his clinic with great therapists, so I think that may answer your questions.

Is seeing an unlicensed massage therapist illegal in California?

Yes, in California, it is illegal to receive massage therapy services from an unlicensed massage therapist. According to the California Massage Therapy Council (CAMTC), all individuals who provide massage therapy services for compensation in California must be certified by CAMTC or hold a local permit or license issued by a city or county. This certification ensures that the massage therapist has met specific education and training requirements, passed a background check, and adheres to ethical standards and regulations set by CAMTC. Receiving massage therapy from an unlicensed practitioner not only puts you at risk of receiving substandard or unsafe treatment but also contributes to the proliferation of illegal and unregulated massage businesses, which can be associated with various illicit activities, including human trafficking and exploitation. Therefore, it's essential to verify that your massage therapist is licensed by CAMTC or holds a valid permit or license from the local jurisdiction before scheduling an appointment.

What does a physical therapist need to do to get a massage therapy license?

A physical therapist needs to do the same thing as anyone else that wants to get a massage therapy license. They need to go to an accredited school and pass the state or national exam, then apply for a license in their jurisdiction.